Elevator Inspections and Equipment Audits

It is crucial for any building to have its elevator regularly inspected to ensure the safety of everyone riding the elevator. We are a one-stop shop for all of your elevator inspection and consulting needs.

Reliant Elevator Inspections & Consulting

Elevator Inspection Services

We offer regular inspections and other services like

  • Annual Inspection – Category 1
  • 5-year Inspections – Category 5
  • Acceptance Tests After Components Have Been Replaced
  • Modernization and New Installation Acceptances
  • Turnkey Inspections
  • Filing of Inspection Reports With the State Along With the Required Annual Fee

Equipment Audits and Other Services

We conduct thorough checks to provide you with detailed information on the condition and performance of your elevator equipment. We also give recommendations to enhance the performance and increase the life of your equipment.

We also conduct due diligence evaluations, ensure your elevator equipment is up to ASME A17.1 code, and also provide ADA compliance audits.